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Update For Deus Ex: The Fall Brings iPad 2 Support



Given that Apple seem to release a new model of the iPad every year it is important that companies retain the support for older models, as given their price not everyone can replace their model every year. Unfortunately for gamers so far unless they owned an iPad 3 or 4 they would have been unable to play Deus Ex: The Fall…. until now. Square Enix have today announced that the game now features support for the iPad 2 in its latest update which is now downloadable via the official App Store.

In addition to iPad 2 compatibility, Deus Ex: The Fall also received a new update that enhances the game’s A.I., making enemies more effective at tracking the player during active combat. Enemies are now less likely to lose sight of the player during gameplay, creating more exciting and challenging combat scenarios.

Deus Ex: The Fall is now available for iPad models 2 and above (Including the Mini), the iPod Touch 5 and the iPhone 4S. Personally… I still prefer my iPod Classic even if you cannot play anything but music, videos and a few very limited Apps on it that are no longer available on the App Store.

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