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PlayStation Access Share A Look At The History of the Tales Franchise


The team at UK-based Playstation Access have marked the release of Tales of Xillia by giving fans an almost seven minute look at the history of the Tales series in the region. This starts from 2006 where Namco Bandai first released Tales of Phantasia on the Playstation Portable (More than 10 years after it was first launched on the Super Famicom within Japan) all the way up to Tales of Xillia. They even made a stop over for Tales of Vesperia which unlike Japan, never saw an international release of its superior Playstation 3 edition.

Playstation Access (Access TV) is an official video channel of Sony Computer Entertainment in the UK, bringing weekly news on the Playstation 3, Playstation 4, PlayStation Vita and of course all the games for the console.

Tales of Xillia was launched earlier this week exclusively for the Playstation 3 by Namco Bandai. My review of the game can be checked out HERE.

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