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Namco Bandai Produce “Tribute to Tales Series” Video for Tales of Xillia Crossover DLC Costumes


For those who have been following the release of DLC costumes for Tales of Xillia, you may recall that the last batch of goodies released on the 21st / 22nd August 2013 included not only female-exclusive costumes from The Idolm@ster but also costumes for each of the characters based on a different Tales game. While they are a bit late to the party, Namco Bandai have earlier this evening released a brand new trailer highlighting all the costumes and the battle music associated with them.

Each costume pack comes with a new costume for one of the six main characters, a unique hairstyle based on the representative character and when used in battle new battle music. For more information on the breakdown of the costumes and what series they are from you can read my earlier article: Latest DLC for Tales of Xillia – Tales Crossover / Idolmaster Costumes and a Bonus ToX Idolmaster Theme.

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