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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Developer Diary – Inside the Square Part #1 Developer Diary


Square Enix have today released the first episode in a brand new developer diary series for their upcoming release of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

Narrated by Ali Hillis (The voice actress for Lightning herself), and captured at the Square Enix headquarters in Tokyo, the new web documentary series will provides a closer look at the game development and the First Product Development Team. The series will also feature commentary from the game’s Visual Works and art teams, and showcase the history of the celebrated franchise.

Yoshinori Kitase | Producer

LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII is the finale in an epic saga that not only features a fresh world-driven universe, but also incorporates all the community feedback we’ve received from the last two titles. With ‘The Making ofLIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII,’ our aim is to provide fans – especially those that have supported the series throughout the years – a behind-the-scenes look at the latest addition to the FINAL FANTASY franchise.

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