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Fruit Ninja Launches on the Playstation Vita



With over 500 million downloads globally on a countless number of devices, the Fruit Ninja series has today made a stop over on the Playstation Vita, with the fruit slashing fun now available on the portable console. Developed by fellow Aussie studio Big Ant, Halfbrick is proud to present its flagship game to a whole new worldwide fanbase.

Fruit Ninja for the Playstation Vita includes a handful of exclusive features unique to the platform. The legendary juicy gameplay remains fully intact, with Arcade, Zen and Classic Mode out in force, along with an array of items to unlock and customize your game in Sensei’s Swag and Gutsu’s Cart.

The game is also set to include online multiplayer and leaderboards, taking advantage of the free-to-use Playstation Network functionality. Voice chat will also be enabled for the game….. for those who want to enjoy talking about…. apples and oranges or how much all the coconuts you have slashed during your game would cost in real life.

The game is available at a price of AUD $7.35, considerably more expensive than on Android and iOS devices.

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