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New Trailer Released for Pixel Art Horror Game The Last Door


Independent video game studio The Game Kitchen have recently announced that their episode point-and-click adventure game “The Last Door” is now available on the PC, Mac, Linux and a number of Flash enabled devices in over ten languages. The game was successfully funded on Kickstarter in late 2012, earning the company £4,690 of a very specific target goal of £3,852 and has now had two full chapters released to the public reaching over 500,000 gameplays, with a third chapter on the way.

Mauricio Garcia

It’s incredible to see the community working together to allow the game to have global appeal. We have an absolutely fantastic group of players who take time out of their day to translate the text to other languages. This is 100% community focused, all of the localizations have been made and reviewed by the community, and we’re incredibly humbled by their efforts.

In a market full of horror games…. will this Pixel Art Horror game appeal to your desires in a game? The Game Kitchen have recently released the above minute and a half game trailer to help you decide. Either way the game is free and funded by donations. However there is a catch as each chapter requires a certain amount of donations to produce/release, and you can only play the latest chapter when the next one is released without paying.

Therefore at the moment only Chapter 1 is free at the moment and Chapter 2 will be open to everyone when Chapter 3 (€7488.52 / €10000 at this moment) is released. You can pay whatever you wish for each chapter (Minimum of $0.50), however paying above the current donation average will net you an original  soundtrack of the game, €15 will earn you new chapters forever as they launch and €25 will get you a spot in the interactive hall of fame.

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