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Capsized Now Available on the Xbox Live Service



Namco Bandai Games alongside indiePub Entertainment have announced that Capsized, their fast-paced 2D action platformer is now available for purchase via the Xbox Live Arcade service exclusively for the Xbox360. With your spaceship having crashed, you are trapped in a world teeming with bizarre and potentially perilous blood-thirsty creates. To make matters worse the strange landscapes you traverse through can also be equally perilous. Using a grappling hook, jetpack and ship supplies, you must fight through hostile landscapes to save fellow shipmates from the planet’s Tribal creatures.


Some promoted features of this game include:

  • Particle Packed Weapons: Sure, the grappling hook is pretty dern useful but you create awesomely explosive destruction with weapons including the Plas-Mortar, Ion Repeater, Nano-Caster and the Quasar Array (and make friggin’ black holes!).
  • Campaign Mode: Test your mettle against nasty baddies in thirteen levels with lush and varied terrains.
  • Three Arcade Modes: Fight endless waves of enemies in Survival Mode, grab oxygen to survive Last Gasp Challenges or test your survival skills in the weapons-free Armless Mode.
  • Lush Environments:  Enjoy strange and amazing landscapes illustrated in a unique, hand-drawn style.
  • Intense Gameplay: Test your constitution with more than twenty hours of heart-throbbing, thumb-busting action

While only available on the Xbox360 platform at this moment, Playstation gamers fret not! The companies have confirmed a Playstation Store release for the Playstation 3 later this Summer.

Capsized Now Available on the Xbox Live Service 3
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