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Ticket Sales Open for La Soirée at QPAC


Following last years run of La Soiree, the Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC) have got the show on once again at their Playhouse venue from May 7th to May 21st 2015.

La Soirée celebrates the ten-year anniversary of the troupe’s first show by bringing to QPAC its heady cocktail of cabaret, new burlesque, circus sideshow and contemporary variety which they boast have “left audiences around the world spellbound, titillated and amazed”. The performance will feature a mixed bag of new and old acts, with the actual cast members yet to be confirmed.

As you may see from the trailer above, the Playhouse venue will be transformed from its regular 850-seat format into an intimate salon-style circus space, with the audience seated entirely on stage in an array of ringside and stalls seating surrounding the action.

Tickets can now be purchased via the QPAC website or other usual means of purchase, with tickets going for between $65 and $109 AUD.

Brett Haylock | Creative Producer

Ten years ago when we assembled this rag tag group of fabulous and freaky artists from the edges of society, vaudeville and variety were dirty words. Entertainment guides didn’t even have cabaret sections back then. Now you can’t swing a leopard-print bra in London’s West End or Downtown Manhattan without hitting a cabaret artiste who’s at the very top of their game. 

It’s been an incredible experience for our international family of performers to see audiences flock back to the genre and I’m more than a little proud of the role La Soirée has had in that.

In excess of 10 million people have seen our show around the globe and it would appear that the general public’s desire for old fashioned entertainment where the performers are working harder than the lights, is stronger than ever.

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