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Rozen Maiden Manga – Volume 6



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The second last volume of this series of Rozen Maiden. This was much shorter than the other volumes, however,  the quality was still there and the storyline was purposeful, minus a chunk of the filler storylines. The review is after the jump.

Phase 29:
This volume focuses around Suiguintoh, Megu, Jun and Souseiseki. It picks up from where the last volume ended with Jun trapped in his dream world, running into Suiguintoh who believes he is “Father”. This chapter also leads to the introduction of the 7th Rozen Maiden Kirakishou. The problem with this chapter however is that it feels like it puts too much into one chapter, and may have been better off extended into a second chapter. Despite this however, it is good to see that everyone feels concerned about Jun and does not hide the fact that they do.

Phase 30/31: This is a two part chapter, involving the discovery of Kanaria and the beginning of the Alice Game. The first chapter mainly focuses around Hinaichigo, Kanaria, Nori and Jun. One of Kanaria’s break in attempts is foiled after crash landing on Nori. With her now inside the house, she learns that it is a peaceful place, with Nori being very accomodating to her. Also, Hinaichigo shows how much she cares for Jun, telling him to call for her if he gets lonely. The chapter ends with Suiseiseki and Shinku finding out about Kanaria, thus causing panic.

The second chapter is split up into two components. The first one involves Suiguintoh and Megu in the hospital room, with Suiguintoh no longer able to sleep in her case, she has to sleep in the bed with Megu. Despite her disappointment with these arrangements, she calms down once Megu sings a song to her handed down from her grandmother (This also occurs in the anime with the song Shun). The second component involves Jun waking up to find Kanaria thinking he has got himself another doll. Kanaria advertises herself as a Stewed Dish but is knocked back by Suiseiseki. The episode ends with Kirakishou watching Suiguintoh and Megu through the hospital mirror.

Phase 32: Shinku tells Suiseiseki about seeing Kirakishou in Jun’s sea and she seemingly knows what happens when all 7 are awake. Whilst buying the normal treats for Hinaichigo, Tomoe notices a very strange girl, who plays a big part in the next chapter. Shinku getting worried, sends Hollier into the mirror and then tells Hinaichigo that she is not needed to fight anymore. After a few more riddles by Laplace’s Demon, the mysterious girl arrives at the Sakurada household,the granddaughter of Hinaichigos master, Odile.

Phase 33: This chapter revolves around why Hinaichigo’s former master left her behind, and the unwillingness of any of the dolls to let Hinaichigo so suddenly, despite having the ring on her finger. After all that, Hinaichigo disappears…..

Overall, the chapters were very well planned out, making way for the ending of this story. However, I would have liked a few more chapters to cover this as they kind of go straight from their merry and jolly times to a more serious tone. However, it will be interesting to read how the final two volumes pan out.

Artwork: Same high quality as expected. (Cannot say much more about this)

Extras: The following extras are included:

  • Introduction/Character List (Although I don’t see the need for an introduction at this stage…)
  • Artwork for each chapter
  • Preview for Volume 7
  • Advertisments

Personal Volume: I have always liked the Rozen Maiden manga series, and this volume is no exception. Whilst there were some aspects that could have been panned out just a little bit more, it is overall, a good read.


Story: 4/5
Characters: 4/5
Artwork: 4/5
Extras: 2.5/5
Personal Opinion: 4/5

Total: 3.7 (B)

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