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The World of Disgaea – Artbook



As many of you know, I am a Disgaea fanatic, and have made it my mission to get as many Nippon-Ichi games as I can…. which has ended up with a rather full collection. I was looking through my collection  the other day, which I havent really opened since I got a PS3. Anyway~ I found a few assorted Disgaea things such as artbooks and manga, which I managed to buy during my hunting days for Disgaea: Hour of Darkness (I swear, I was almost in tears when I found a used copy in my EB Games) Now the problem is, I don’t have a review structure for something like this, so I am going to review each category (Artwork/Fan-Related/Guide) Seperately!

Artwork: 3.5/5
Even the front cover of this artbook is astounding. Whilst it isn’t what I would call a complete artbook, it has enough high quality art for it to achieve highly in this critera. However, throughout the book, there are some images (Not necessarily artwork) which feels like they have been badly taken from the game. However, these are minimal and does not really affect the quality of the book.

Fan-Related: 4.5/5
Many fan releated things in this art book including interviews with different cast such as the main voice actors/actresses etc, some scripts, level artworks etc. Too much to describe, however all very good!

Guide: 4.5/5
This is what this book sucessfully pulls of, it gives a detailed profile on each of the recruitable characters as well as all the stock characters, as well as including several character artwork pieces shown throughout the game. Information given includes Character Bios, what weapons they can use effectively and their ratings with them, character stats, recruiting information etc. Also includes many other factors which would have it considered a guide.

Quality: 4/5
The Overall Broccoli Books quality that is expected from them.

Overall: 16.5/20
It is simply a must for any fan of the Disgaea series!

Althrough, this guide still hasn’t had me finish Disgaea: Hour of Darkness yet. Almost finished, but I got stuck on a certain part and haven’t got around to trying to beat it again. (Isn’t as bad a FF:X, I spent nearly two years stuck on Mt Gagazet trying to beat Seymour – I could say the whole unskippable cutscene off the top of my head)

Anyway, this is the first Artbook/Fanbook/Guidebook released by Broccoli Books for the Disgaea Series. It would be difficult to find now, with Broccoli Books closing down and most places out of stock, but for any disgaea fan, it is worth the effort to hunt down.

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