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[April Fools] Youtube Announces Nominees for Best Video (Day 1 / 730)


I have to hand it to them… I had never expected them to go more than an hour or two without jumping out at the camera and screaming April Fools!

But instead, for the last twelve hours “Submission Coordinators” Kendra Fuller and Donald Hurley have put together a nominees announcement session for the Best of Youtube – citing “Youtube” as a contest instead of the service we know today. The thing is…. as every video (Including my current 101) were up for nomination…. if this were real it would have taken around two years for them to read out every submission on the service.

Today was the first session, with nothing more than twelve hours of them announcing titles and the occasional video showcase. Was your video first off the mark (There were quite a few anime and game videos mentioned)? Watch all twelve hours to find out! For more on this April Fools Day joke, check out the following video.

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