A Look at the ‘Astral Reflection’ Figure of Genshin Impact’s Mona Megistus by Wonderful Works

Video Game Figure Review

Featured Character: Mona Megistus (モナ・メギストス)
Figure Name: Astral Reflection Ver. 
Scale: 1/7 (Approximately 247mm in height) 
Manufacturer: Wonderful Works 
Distributor: Good Smile Company 

Since its rise to popularity beginning in the latter half of 2020, the characters of Genshin Impact have enjoyed their loyal fanbases. In turn, this has resulted in a wave of merchandise – some limited to China, some available in Japan, and others trickling out to western audiences. Complementing previously covered figures such as the ‘Spark Knight Ver.’ figure of Klee from Apex Toys and some very delicious looking mini-figures of the game’s Mascot / the Traveller’s “Emergency Food” Paimon, the next Genshin Impact figure to arrive on my doorstep comes from manufacturer Wonderful Works and distributor Good Smile Company, and features a character who has been unlockable from the very beginning, and has seen renewed prominence in updates over the last 6 months.

Mona is part of Genshin Impact’s permanent Wanderlust Invocation banner, and of the six 5-star features characters currently on it, is the only character I have yet to unlock on my main account. This latest figure, as you would have seen from the image above, focuses on the eccentric Astrologist, depicting her striking a cute albeit (still SFW) revealing pose – taking advantage of her alignment with the hydro element and her ability to channel water through magical abilities. While sadly the figure does not come with a coupon code to redeem her in-game, this is a fabulously designed and built figure that captures the air of sophistication she (attempts to) showcase through her mannerisms. It continues a trend with pre-painted figures based on Genshin Impact being of excellent quality.

The only major issue with this figure of Mona is the base. While the water effect looks incredible (the standard blue base itself not so much), attaching her to the base proved to be quite the challenge. While I attached her with reasonable certainty she won’t fall over anytime soon without any major intervention, I have read of others needing to use a hairdryer on the attachment section of the base to attach them properly. Here’s hoping this isn’t another figure that meets a bad fate due to ambitious but poorly implemented base design.

With a standard price of 17,600 yen, for its build quality, scale and design, it is about on-par with figure prices nowadays. If you are keen on picking up this figure of Mona and are interested in what it looks like up-close, check out my photographs below. I hope these assist you in determining whether this figure is worth picking up brand new, waiting for a potential price drop, pre-owned, or not at all.

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