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MiHoYo’s popular free-to-play open-world adventure-exploration game, Genshin Impact, has gotten to the point of popularity where fans can look forward to nabbing themselves many figure adaptations over the coming months and years. This is understandable, as through MiHoYo’s in-game narrative, creative marketing materials, and character development over the last year and a half – even if there are those we may crave to have in our parties – there are many characters that fans feel affection towards in a myriad of ways.

One of the game’s earliest iconic characters is the young, pyro-vision catalyst user Klee, the second playable “child” character of the game and one of the most unique in terms of playstyle. While innocent-looking at first glance, Klee has a penchant for explosives and is quite proficient at making things around her – foe or not – go kaboom. Klee may not fill the role of the game’s iconic mascot character. That title is held by Aether/Lumine’s flying companion Paimon. Yet Klee’s colourfulness, playfulness, and cuteness make her a perfect choice as one of the first figures to be released around Genshin Impact.

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This ‘Spark Knight’ figure of Klee comes from Apex Toys, a China-based figure manufacturer who works with the developers/publishers who have historically worked with manufacturers of mobile gacha games. They already have future arrangements to offer figures based on two more of Genshin Impact’s characters – Ganyu and Keqing. I am always hesitant about my first figure from a manufacturer I am unfamiliar with, as build quality can significantly differ between companies. The company left a remarkable first impression, delivering a 1/7 scale figure of impeccable build quality and offering several design quirks which went down well.

This figure of Klee is faithful to each her childish personality and naivete, her questlines involving her best friend, Jumpy Dumpty (which doubles as her elemental skill), and the adorablely designed explosives that she uses to take down foes. From her adorable ‘Shooting Spark’ outfit with its red tone with black/white accents, cute postman-like hat with just the right levels of poofiness, a backpack that suits the theme of Genshin Impact well, and all the other little touches here, it is a figure I see many wanting to prominently display in their collection. Unlike some other recently reviewed figures, this is entirely devoid of fanservice, with any attempted upskirt glimpses treating viewers to a full view of bloomers – as is the case in-game.

The main highlight of this figure was not the character but its base. Klee is securely posed sitting on Jumpy Dumpty, as a large number of her mines hover and set of sparks around her. If you were a mob in Teyvat, you would probably want to stay as far away from Klee as possible. But with such levels of adorableness, you may want to pet her head, or perhaps the smooth… look of the base makes you want to touch it… oh wow, I didn’t expect this! This is the first figure I have ever seen which adds a textural element to its base, with the grass having a simple yet slightly coarse feeling to it. While most figures would go with a simple PVC base or try to recreate just the visual appeal of grasslands, their decision to go the extra mile was welcome.

To put it bluntly, the attention to detail throughout this figure is top-notch. While the minimalistic box the figure comes in is hardly inspiring, inside is suitable packaging, with attention dedicated towards parts of the figure that is more likely to be damaged in transfer or have paint chipped/rubbed off while stored. My figure came with no noticeable flaws or even minor paint issues that I noticed and complemented by the solid base Klee is attached to; I do not envision any issues with warping or breaking in the near future.

Due to the nature of how 5-star wishes work in Genshin Impact, it is unknown when players will have their next chance to test lady luck and the low (until pity pull) odds to be in with an opportunity to add Klee to their party. Regardless of whether she’s in your part, you’re aiming to have her join, or have your sights on other characters, we all need some cuteness in our lives, and this figure of the pyrotechnical cutie offers it in bucketloads. While none but the most minimalistic flaws production-wise, I was thrilled with this Klee Spark Knight Ver. 1/7 Pre-painted Complete Figure, and I hope it signifies a high standard of other figures to come. Now if only we had a Qiqi figure to complement Klee…

Understandably because of the current popularity around Genshin Impact, my usual sites like Amiami’s English Online Store sold out of pre-order stock very early on. However, as of writing, new stock is available from Amiami for 16,800 yen. Check out your favourite figure store to see if you can nab the figure at a good price. But as always, be wary about lower-quality, cheaper, knock-off versions that can be found with most popular figures.


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