Klee (Genshin Impact)

The 5-Star Characters of Genshin Impact

With a 0.6% chance per pull to acquire a five-star weapon or character through the game's gacha "Wish" system, if you are like many others and are more of a free-to-play player, then it is likely you do not have many...

Need Some Cuteness in Your Day? This Klee-Centric Trailer for Genshin Impact Has You Covered

The focus of MiHoYo's latest character-specific gacha event in open-world adventure game Genshin Impact, Klee is one of the game's two currently available "loli" characters whose greatest charms are her affinity for destructive explosives and her cuteness.

Klee Brightens Even the Stormiest of Days in Genshin Impact

Even on the darkest, gloomiest, stormiest of days in Genshin Impact...Klee's smile manages to radiate the area around her...Oh wait... is that a smile or a devious grin from a new explosive idea? Released on the PlayStation 4, PC, iOS...

Explosive Pyrotechnical Loli Klee The Featured Character of Genshin Impact’s Next Wish Event – ‘Sparkling Steps’

While a good portion of the content in Genshin Impact can be done solo, with hopefully more community driven content to be fleshed out in the future, the game still runs off a freemium model. While none of the...

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