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Pokemon Origins Set for Release Internationally During November 2013


The Pokemon Company International have this evening confirmed that to celebrate six generations of Pokemon games, the recently announced animated release, Pokemon Origins, is set to stream via the official Pokemon website beginning on the 15th November 2013.

Unlike the main Pokemon television series which follows Ash, Pikachu and their “companions of the region”, Pokemon Origins retells the story of the very first Pokemon video games, Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue. This four-part adventure will begin as Red receives his very first Pokemon from Professor Oak’s laboratory and will continue as he single-handedly goes against Team Rocket, battles his rival on numerous occasions and challenges the Pokemon League.

Of course, I wouldn’t object to a fifth bonus episode detailing Red’s struggles against MISSINGNO, preventing the S.S. Anne from setting sail so he can move an unmovable truck and trading uncatchable Pokemon with an alter ego in a parallel universe. Ah the good ol’ days….

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