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Pokemon: The Origin Anime to Air This October in Japan



For countless years now, fans of the Pokemon anime series have followed Ash Ketchum / Satoshi in his journey around the many regions featured in the Pokemon games – from Kanto and Jhoto to the more recent ones. However those who followed his original journeys most likely would have also been “Catching em’ All” as self-named trainers on Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue for the Nintendo Gameboy – 8-bit graphics, monochromatic screen and all!

Finally after all these years the video game franchise will be starring in a new anime series by the nameĀ Pokemon: The Origin.

Following somewhat to the canon of the original Pokemon Red and Blue games, Ash and Gary do not exist (and have been replaced with protagonist Red and his rival Green), Brock is reduced to the role of Gym Leader and you get to witness the journey immortalized in the memories of the original Pokemon trainers from 1996 – 1998 who got to experience the thrill of journeying around the Kanto region and encountering Missingno purposefully or by accident (Potential for an OVA episode there!).

Pokemon: The Origin is to premiere in Japan on the 2nd October 2013 and should not affect broadcasts of the main Pokemon anime series which is currently in its 17th Season.

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