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Disney Infinity – How To Use the Games Creative Potential to the Greatest Extent


Disney Infinity, which is set to be released on a myriad of consoles from next week is set to give players access to an open world area known as the Toy Box which can be used to create their own worlds, games etc based on the content they have compiled both in-game and through the different play sets which come with the game / purchased for the game.

With the games impending launch, Avalanche Software and Disney Interactive Entertainment have over the last few days begun to release a series of videos focusing on how to build games of different genres, how to construct small worlds and more. Some of these can be checked out below.

Learn how build, destroy and reset in Disney Infinity’s Toy Box with Physics Blocks! Watch this video and learn how to use the various different types of Physics Blocks and build with them, blow up your creation, reset and then blow it up again! 

Did you know that you could create your own Wreck-it-Ralph themed world? Learn more about placing and theming your terrain, and using toys to change your Toy Box Sky Dome.

Wish you could make your own a classic 2D game? Find out how to use Disney Infinity Creativi-Toys to make a side-scroll game in this video!

Ever wonder what it would be like to win a race in Disney Infinity? Learn how to use the Dual-Action Trigger to create an awesome finish line in this video!

Want to build TWO bridges over a lava pit? Learn how to create the ultimate Disney Infinity Race track in this tutorial video!

Why have a barebones soccer field, when you can have a fully equipped Disney Infinity Soccer Stadium? Learn how you too can build an interactive soccer stadium in this tutorial!

Yar Mateys, come join us as we discover how to change your Disney Infinity Toy Box into an underwater world.

Did you know that you can spawn enemies to battle against in the Disney Infinity Toy Box? Learn more about the rivals that you can see in the worlds that you create. 

Learn how to celebrate Disney Infinity style with the Party Cannon Creativi-toy! Watch this video and learn how to use the party cannon to add cool action effects.

Ever traveled by Super Cannon?  Learn how to use Action Toys the Disney Infinity Toy Box.

Did you know there are over a thousand toys in DISNEY INFINITY? Learn more about the Repeater Toy and how to make other Creativi-Toys repeat an action.

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