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Nozomi Entertainment Announce Acquisition of Cat’s Eye


In the latest acquisition announcement made by the Nozomi Entertainment wing of Right Stuf, they have confirmed their plans to release the 73-episode anime series Cat’s Eye which was aired in Japan over two years between July 1983 and July 1985. This is an adaptation of the manga series originally produced by Tsukasa Hojo with character design by Akio Sugino.

While it is uncertain just how many volumes it will take to complete this lengthly series, we do know that it will be available for purchase beginning in 2014 with Japanese audio, English subtitles and additional on-screen translations.

Michael Heinz, a famous painter and art aficionado, has gone missing along with his immensely valuable collection of rare and precious works. His three daughters, Ai, Hitomi, and Rui, believe that the missing pieces could contain the only clues to their father’s whereabouts. Because of this they’ve decided to liberate these works of art from their current owners! Before each theft, the trio always informs the owner by using a special calling card inscribed with the name “Cat’s Eye.” The girls avoid suspicion, despite running a coffee shop by the same name right across the street from the police station. Can the girls find their father before their masquerade is finally revealed?

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