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The History of Future Folk Now Available Via iTunes Store



Due to university conflicts I was unable to attend too many films at the Gold Coast Film Festival this year. However one of the surprise highlights that I almost missed out on was The History of Future Folk, a film that coming in at an hour and twenty-five minutes length features a storyline with comedy, plenty of music and an pretty well thought out plot all bundled into one package.

While the film is still making theatrical tours around the world, you no longer have to wait for it to come to your area to watch. As of very recently, the film has been made available via VOD and the iTunes store in regions including Australia! Over here in HD quality the film is available for purchase at $24.99 while to rent it the cost is $6.99.

I intend on picking it up very shortly and hope to have a review out on it in the next couple of weeks.


When a comet threatens to destroy their planet, the citizens of Hondo enlist their most decorated soldier, General Trius (Nils d’Aulaire), to search for a new home.  After landing on Earth armed with a flesh-eating virus, General Trius is suddenly enchanted by a strange and mystical human invention known as “music”.  He reconsiders his plan to eradicate the human race and decides he must stay on Earth and learn everything he can about this wonderful creation unknown elsewhere in the galaxy.  He assumes the name Bill and soon starts a family and one-man bluegrass act.

Bill’s peaceful life is disrupted when the Hondonians send another soldier named Kevin (Jay Klaitz) to assassinate General Trius and clear the way for an invasion. But the ‘Almighty Kevin’ turns out to be “a crappy assassin” and with Bill, they set out on their own mission to save Hondo, prevent intergalactic warfare and create the universe’s first Hondonian, bluegrass, duo: Future Folk.

The History of Future Folk features Nils d’Aulaire as General Trius and Jay Klaitz as the would-be assassin Kevin. Jay Klaitz was in attendance at the Gold Coast Film Festival opening night, and while I was too late in organizing an interview which I wish I had – I did have a brief chat with him during Supanova Gold Coast 2013 and he along with the other guests in attendance for the Gold Coast Film Festival were absolutely fantastic to talk to!


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