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Sentai Filmworks Release Rurouni Kenshin ~ New Kyoto Arc on DVD and Blu-ray


On the 5th March 2013, North American anime publisher Sentai Filmworks announced that they had released Rurouni Kenshin ~ New Kyoto Arc on DVD and Blu-ray, following many other releases of the series in the past. The film, which comes in at approximately 90 minutes comes with a hybrid dub and will set you back $29.98 for the DVD and ten dollars more at $39.98 for the Blu-ray edition.

Although she’s only sixteen and looks even younger, Misao Makimachi is already a skilled and competent member of the Oniwabansh? ninja clan.  Which is a fortunate thing for Misao, as her onimitsu talents may be all that keeps her alive when a journey in search of the leader of the clan, Aoshi Shinomori, leads her instead into a face-to-face encounter with an even more dangerous man and a plot to overthrow the Meiji government!  Quickly enmeshed in the affairs of the legendary assassin Hitokiri Batt?sai, now known as Kenshin Himura wielder of the reverse-blade sword, Misao finds herself pulled into the middle of a deadly intrigue against Makoto Shishio, who is orchestrating the conquest of all Japan, beginning with Kyoto!  Get ready for blades to flash and blood to flow as Nobuhiro Watsuki’s acclaimed Rurouni Kenshin returns at long last to the world of animation in an epic masterpiece: Rurouni Kenshin – New Kyoto Arc!

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