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Siren Visual Open Pre-Orders for Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 – Set for Release in March 2013



858650_485609251502922_1872632440_oAustralian anime publisher Siren Visual have a big slate of titles set for release this month – Princess Jellyfish, Fractale and of course Tiger  & Bunny. Their March 2013 releases are also promising to be interesting with the publisher today opening their pre-orders for Tokyo Magnitude – the 2009 noitaminA Drama title produced by Japanese studios  Bones and Kinema Citrus.

This release is set to include both the original Japanese dub and brand new English dub, is set for release on both DVD and Blu-ray formats and both come at the cost of $49.95. Siren Visual have yet to mention if they will be including random goodies as they do with some of their other titles – but this is one series I am really looking forward to seeing released.

Imagine if an earthquake as powerful as magnitude 8.0 struck Tokyo, the capital city of Japan, today… Who would we think about and what should we do at that moment? This is a tremendous human drama that portrays the connections and human bonds in the most extreme situations. 13 year old Mirai and her 8 year old brother, Yuki are left away from home when the catastrophically large quake has hit Tokyo… Most of the mobile phones are dead. There is no clue as to whether their parents are safe.

The only thing that Mirai is sure of is that she remains with her brother Yuki, and Mari, whom she just met. She also knows that the three of them must continue walking through the devastated city of Tokyo to make their way home. On their way, the three face numerous struggles, while receiving the kindness and help of others. It is through this journey that Mirai realizes what is really important to her, what it is she must protect, what it means to be alive. What awaits them at the end of this journey?

EDIT: Siren Visual have posted this on their Facebook page about bonus goodies for the title

Get in early to win the cd soundtrack!


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