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[18+] Shoujo Dominance – My Precious Reina Launches Digitally


After announcing their plans to release an English-localised version of Monoceros+’s 18+ visual novel Shoujo Dominance – My Precious Reina only last month, Jast USA has just released the title today. Unusual for any visual novel release given most release months if not many years before receiving an English localisation, Shoujo Dominance has released simultaneously in both Japan and internationally.

As with all Jast USA visual novel releases, you can pick up a copy of Shoujo Dominance – My Precious Reina via their online store uncensored and DRM-free. Alternatively, if you are looking for something a little bit special, there is a limited physical edition available via J-List which includes a digital copy of the visual novel (sent via email) and a dakimakura cover which will be shipped to you from Japan. The standard download edition will set you back $14.99 USD, while the special Limited Edition jumps in price to $130.00 USD.

The Story of Shoujo Dominance

Love blooms as Reina goes searching for the right person, only to find out that love has always been nearby.

When her friends ask, “What kind of person is your ideal type?” the first figure that comes to mind is her father. Reina wants nothing more than to have somebody who will cherish and protect her.

“I’m sure he already knows what I want… so why won’t he just do it?”

A Sneak Peek at Shoujo Dominance

[18+] Shoujo Dominance - My Precious Reina Launches Digitally 13
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