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[18+] MangaGamer Announce Release Date for Free Friends 2


FF2_01Following their English localised release of Free Friends last year, MangaGamer have decided to kick off 2016 by announcing their release date for its successor, Free Friends 2. This title has once again been developed by the studio Noesis, and will be available exclusively via the MangaGamer online store starting January 26 2016.

Free Friends 2 will be available at a price of $24.95 at launch, with a discounted price of $22.45 currently available for those looking to pre-order. This release also comes without any mosaics over naughty bits and female character voice acting (Japanese).

Free Friends 2 will once again see players venturing back onto the seedy social site behind the eyes of a new protagonist – Kaito. Unwilling to maintain any kind of deep relationship yet in need of a way to relieve his sexual desires, he regularly utilizes the website “Free Friends” to liaison with girls willing to have sex with him for money. The night after he starts his job at the Minatohashi Higashi Academy, he uses the site as usual and indulges himself in the rare treat of a virgin schoolgirl. But the next day, he finds out that not only is that girl a student at the academy, but also that she’s none other than his long-lost little sister Sumire, separated from him in their childhood by their parents’ divorce. She’s selling her body because she’s in desperate need of cash to pay the bills… and he knows very well that she’s all grown up and all too willing.

As Kaito, will you reveal the truth to Sumire? Will you be the brother you never were, and take her under your wing with love and kindness? Or will you keep the secret to yourself, exploiting her desperation to buy the fulfillment of your darkest desires?

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