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XERO’s Bishoujo Visual Novel ‘Libra of the Vampire Princess’ to Receive Kickstarter Campaign Later This Month for English Release


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When you look at the success of visual novels such as Muv-Luv, CLANNAD and The Grisaia Trilogy on the Kickstarter crowdfunding service, it should come as no surprise that other publishers and developers are looking at bringing their titles to Western markets with fan support.

XERO in collaboration with MiKandi Japan have announced that their latest bishoujo visual novel, Libra of the Vampire Princess, has successfully passed its Steam Greenlight campaign, and will begin a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign later this month. Should the title reach its (currently unspecified) pledge goal, the title will be translated into English and released on Steam.

Libra of the Vampire Princess​centers around main protagonist, Syuma Kusanagi: an ordinary boy, with an unnatural ancestry. His world gets turned upside down when Iris, a mysterious vampire, lashes out to “awaken” his ancestral blood. Although she sinks her teeth into Syuma, he manages to flee before the vampiric ritual is complete. Now, more confused than ever, his future is forked with uncertain paths and a host of girls who make matters even more complex. On top of it, he’s developed an urge to suck… their blood. What happens next is for the player to decide.

Moka | Producer at XERO

​Fans and industry guys like to joke that XERO is always ‘two years too early.’​Instead of trend setting, we end up creating OOPArts (out-of-place artifacts​). Still, I believe bishoujo visual novels will soon become a standard on Steam. Let’s hop into my​moe ​time machine ​two years earlier ​than other gamers​and make ​moe​history together now!​

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