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[18+] MangaGamer Open Pre-Orders for Space Pirate Sara



With Secret Sorrow of the Siblings now available via their online store, MangaGamer have opened up pre-orders for their next 18+ visual novel release. Set for release on December 26th 2014 is Lilith’s Space Pirate Sara, this VN invites players to join space pirate Sara on her quest against hero and villain alike in search of a treasured sword! Why is Sara after this Sword? What does it mean to her? More importantly, can Sara withstand the sexual training regimen of the human-traffickers that possess the sword she seeks? Will she succumb before she manages to find and retrieve it?

This title is described as featuring “futanari, tentacles and more”, and is set to be published without those bothersome mosaics over characters’ naughty bits. Priced at $24.95, you can now place a pre-order via the MangaGamer Online Store.

Space Pirate Sara was originally published in 2007 under the Japanese title Uchuu Kaizoku Sara (宇宙海賊サラ). There was also a 4-episode erotic anime adaptation published between 2008 and 2010 which has not been released in the international market.


The dreadful pirate knight, Sara, races across the war-entrenched galactic empire! Numerous, dark traps await to drive Sara to the point of destruction across the galaxy, filled with ambitious, opposing powers. A catastrophic dilemma will fall upon Sara when the devilish twins, black-market slave traders, degenerate nobles and Sylia the Silver Knight come together in the galaxy.

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Character Profiles

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Sara Scorpion

Protagonist. One of the empire’s knights. Leader of the Scorpion Legion, a group that’s part-mercenary, part-pirate. A feared pirate, known as pirate knight Sara.

After searching for the long-lost treasured sword for many years, she makes a deal with the Duke of Blankenheim, a member of a powerful family of the empire that holds information concerning the treasured sword. In exchange for such information, the Duke orders her to capture his antagonist, the hero of the Wales Tributory Alliance, Sylia of the Silver. A catastrophic dilemma falls upon Sara as a result of this.

”I am a pirate… And pirates have their own way of fighting, my armored lady!”


[tab title=”Sylia”]


Sylia Bernstein

Sylia of the Silver, a feared knight and hero of the Wales Tributory Alliance.

Thought to be the strongest knight in the galaxy, her skills as a knight surpass even Hans and Sara. The daughter of the powerful Bernstein noble family of Wales. She was forced to serve as general to protect the land of Wales. The lords of Wales don’t have territorial ambitions, and only wish for Wales’s safety. However, the Duke of Blankenheim believed that to be weak, and is the cause of him having his own territorial ambitions. Sylia realized this and began to plan to counter-attack the Duke of Blankenheim. During this time, though, the pirate Sara appeared before her.

”Calm down! Are you not my soldiers? Are you not soldiers of Sylia Bernstein?! I don’t recall having subordinates who panic at the sight of a single pirate!”


[tab title=”Karin”]


Karin Gielen

Head of the Gielen family. The older of the twin sisters. One of the empire’s knights.

Rules the planet that Sara infiltrated to steal the treasured sword. Believed to be a quiet ruler of the land they possess, with their main trade being sight-seeing and the mining of rare metals. However, she has deep ties with the underworld, and is thought to be something like the mafia of space. As moral order has deteriorated under the galactic empire’s thousand year rule, so too has the degeneracy of nobles increased. The twins have made a killing off of this by dealing in human-trafficking and illegal drug trade with said nobles.

”Yes, of course. Looks like things are going to get fun around here, Cecil.”


[tab title=”Cecil”]


Cecil Gielen

The younger of the twin sisters. One of the empire’s knights.

The only distinguishing feature from her big sister is that she speaks and acts somewhat childlishy, as exhibited by the fact she always carries a large stuffed animal with her. It’s also worth noting that various weapons, such as hand grenades, machine guns, and gas spray are hidden within said stuffed animal.

”Such a stimulating Big Sister♪”


[tab title=”Hans”]


Hans Bulow

Vice leader of the Scorpion Legion and Sara’s adjutant. One of the empire’s knights. A skilled soldier wielding a photon lance, and also Sara’s arms instructor.

Sara trusts him the most out of anyone, and they have been together since before the formation of the Scorpion Legion. Subordinates believe that friction exists between Sara and Hans as a result of him scolding her for her actions at times and also for fielding his own plans to Sara.

”Nah, I’ll follow your orders.
What I’m worried about is whether this dangerous adventure will prove to be worthwhile.”


[tab title=”Joachim”]


Joachim, the Duke of Blankenheim

The present Duke of Blankenheim. One of the great nobles descended from the imperial family.

Blankenheim have over 600 years of authority in the galaxy, and possess a fortune from owning mines filled with rare metals. He has had and was raised with authority as a noble in his personal life, and has lived a life of debauchery since he was young. Believes that only nobles are real people. He is a terribly cowardly person at heart, but also extremely calculating and malicious. He’s worked on his looks as he’s aged, and has spent a ludicrous amount of money buying beautiful women from the twins to submit to his cruel deeds. Since the emperor’s assassination he’s burned with desire to take that highest of seats, strengthening his armed forces with a ”bigger is better”-like creed. First, he suppressed the remote region and attacked Wales, but Sylia drove him off, causing him to lose three of his knights in the process. The Duke of Blankenheim, fearing a counter-attack from Sylia, worked his magic afterwards by offering the Wales nobles (whom thought poorly of Sylia) a large amount of money to side with him. Following this, he sent Sara and her Scorpion Legion to capture Sylia. Of course, the reason he ordered them to capture and not kill Sylia was a direct result of his carnal desires.

”Who knew that the so-called pirate Sara was such a beautiful young lass… Mmhehe!”



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