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School Days to Find New Life on Nintendo 3DS as Island Days



School Days drew attention several years ago when it was originally developed and published by 0verflow for being an erotic school-life visual novel with anime-style visuals and a few gorish endings depending on your actions in-game with the two female heroines. This later expanded into a series of other PC titles including Summer Days, Cross Days, School Days HQ (Now available in English from JAST USA) and Shiny Days – all 18+ eroge visual novels and all retaining a similar visual style.

Turns out that the next installment in this series could be an all-ages title for the Nintendo 3DS, with Japanese companies Klon and STACK launching a teaser website for Island Days. Set for release in Japan on the 1st May 2014, this release is described as a romantic survival featuring many returning characters as evidenced by the released cover artwork.

At this point in time there is no additional information known on this game, but expect more to come in the next few months given its impending release date.

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