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Information Released for The [email protected] Channel’s January 2014 Updates


While there is a possibility that Namco Bandai will be jumping over to the PlayStation 4 console later this year, at the present time they are remaining committed up continuously updating the [email protected] ([email protected]) channel each month which is now available to download through the Japanese PlayStation Store. While the initial app is free to download and it does come with a small amount of complementary content, all of the download sets do cost real money.

In terms of The [email protected] Shiny TV, the ninth mini-album will be released for it titled “Wisdom” which features Ritsuko Akizuki and is now available to purchase for 1,500 yen. Some of the tracks included in this release (and previewed in the below screenshots) include 魔法をかけて performed by Ritsuko Akizuki, Vault That Borderline! performed by Haruka Amami, Chihaya Kisaragi, Azusa Miura and Ritsuko Akizuki, マリオネットの心 performed by Miki Hoshii, Dazzling World by Ryo Akizuki, THE [email protected] by 765PRO ALLSTARS, 待ち受けプリンス by 765PRO ALLSTARS and the gravure music clip 魔法をかけて by Ritsuko Akizuki.

On the 15th January 2014, Namco Bandai will be releasing the seventh Gravure For You! Installment which is set to feature buruma and school uniforms. This is also the only installment to feature 876 idol Ai Hidaka who was only playable in DS title The [email protected] Dearly Stars and was also available as a DLC character in The [email protected] 2. More screenshots from this release have also been included below. Despite its high initial price point as a physical copy, Gravure For You Volume 7 is also priced at just 1,500 yen.

Both of these sets also come with a complementary PlayStation 3 custom theme with associated voices attached to them.

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