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MangaGamer Invite You to Spend Thanksgiving Playing Touma Kojirou’s Detective File


261836569_ToumaKojirouWhile it is a pointless gesture from MangaGamer if you, like myself, reside in an area that does not celebrate Thanksgiving… the company have invited you to enjoy a hearty bit of drama with a nice helping of sex on the side that day with the launch of Touma Kojirou’s Detective File -Murder at the Opera House-  (Touma Kojirou no Tantei File ~Opera Za no Kaijin Satsujin Jiken~ / 冬馬小次郎の探偵FILE ~オペラ座の怪人殺人事件~via their official online store.

Developed by Softhouse Seal and localized into English, Touma Kojirou’s Detective File starts when a local theater begins receiving threat notices, which quickly escalate when one of the actors on stage is murdered by the phantom of the opera. For the cost of $24.95, you get to tag along with detective Touma Kojirou as he investigates the murder and gets to become intimately acquainted with the suspects. Oh, and they don’t censor the “naughty bits” if that is to your liking. Pre-orders are now open, and until launch they are offering 10% off the title.

My name is Kojirou Touma. I run a detective agency with my childhood friend, Natsukise Youko. For a famous detective like myself, every day brings mysterious and incomprehensible cases to keep me very busy… At least, that’s what I wish I could say. No customers at the office again today. Well, I guess the world’s a better place when there’s no work for us detectives, but… Still, now I have Youko blaming me for it and lecturing me about how I need to earn a living.

Honestly, it’s not my fault there’s no work coming in… And, just as I was telling you all this, my little sister Reina has brought along an adorable client. I never would have thought the coming of this cute girl would lead to the tragic tale of murder which would later unfold.

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[tab title=”Natsukise Youko”]


Natsukise Youko

Kojirou’s scatterbrained childhood friend and assistant.

The uplifting half of the Touma Detective Agency. But, being scatterbrained and a bit soft in the head, Kojirou’s always picking on her.

Furthermore, she takes everything at face value, making her an easy mark for door-to-door salesmen and such. Kojirou often gets mad at her, and usually gropes her voluptuous breasts as punishment.

Perhaps because of simple nature, she gets along well with children.

[tab title=”Touma Reina”]


Touma Reina

Kojirou’s little sister.

Attends St. Shirayuki Women’s. Unlike her brother, Reina’s grades are superb and her conduct irreproachable. Her quiet demeanor is cool and intellectual, having an almost unapproachable feeling to it. She is very popular with her juniors, being called the ”Blue Princess” by the other students.

However, when she is alone with Kojirou, she quietly lets him dote on her. On her way back from school, she always pops into visit him before going home. Unbeknownst to her brother, she thinks of Youko as a rival for his affections.

Because she always sees the protagonist groping Youko’s breasts, she has a complex about her small chest.

[tab title=”Minase Tomoe”]


Minase Tomoe

One of Reina’s juniors.

A first year student in the St. Shirayuki Women’s Academy’s Theater Club. She is quite the rich girl, being the daughter of a theater owner. Having a quiet personality and lacking self confidence, she finds herself taking a passive role in events. Her acting abilities are quite impressive.

[tab title=”Minase Kaori”]


Minase Kaori

Eldest daughter of the Minase family and Tomoe’s elder sister.

An actress who is always wearing revealing clothes and acting sexy. Unlike her little sister, Tomoe, she has a rough and selfish personality.

Her acting isn’t terribly impressive, but her voluptuous body entrances men.

She is playing the role of Christine in ”The Phantom of the Opera.”

[tab title=”Nanase Ako”]


Nanase Ako

A member of the theater troupe.

She always smiles, has a gentle personality, and treats everyone kindly,
but is strong-willed, and when she reaches a decision, she will stubbornly see it through to the end.

She has a habit of disappearing before rehearsals and performances,
but none of the troupe members know where she goes. She is a woman of much mystery.

[tab title=”Tawarada Ittetsu”]


Tawarada Ittetsu

An investigator from the First Section of the Criminal Investigation Department of Police HQ.

Has a much stronger sense of justice and ethics than most people, carrying a conviction to forgive no evil.

Rather stubborn, and feared as the ”Demon Investigator” within the department, but actually has a gentle personality and is considerate of his underlings, who place great trust in him.
Is a 3rd Dan black belt in Judo and confident in his strength.

Due to the protagonist’s inability to act serious and fool around, not to mention the way he pokes about while an investigation is in progress, Tawarada views him as a nuisance. They get along like cats and dogs.

[tab title=”Hayami Yuuichi”]


Hayami Yuuichi

A freelance reporter.

Always walks around with a camera so he won’t miss his next scoop. Interested in gossip, the economy, and just about everything else.

Is a joker, but also rather forceful and quickly makes friends with people he’s just met.

Makes fast friends with Kojirou while the pair size up the women around them.

[tab title=”Sendou Tetsuya”]


Sendou Tetsuya

A member of the theater troupe.

Used by Sanjou as an errand boy.

Friendly, but timid, and unable to say what he wants.
Finds himself incapable of refusing anything Sanjou and Kaori order him to do.

Tells Kojirou and the others various things. He is one of the more normal members in the troupe.


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