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[18+] MangaGamer Announce Release of Boob Wars!


[18+] MangaGamer Announce Release of Boob Wars! 1

MangaGamer, a publisher of English localized visual novels to the international market have today announced their release of Softhouse Seal’s visual novel Boob Wars! The title will set you back €19.95 (US$ 26.07) and features no mosaics and the original Japanese voice-overs for the female cast.

The time is now the future. Great change has shook the foundation of the world, driving an irreparable wedge between all of mankind–The Bust Revolution! B cups, C cups, and D cups are no more! All women are either now either E and above or A and below, with men as divided as their breast sizes! As the women’s petty insults of “Cow Udders” and “Lowbreeds” spread along with the flames of war, everything is about go tits up! That’s were you, Eagle’s top Erorist come in! Your job is to seduce the queens and put an end to the Boob Wars! Will you destroy one side, forever banishing a breed of boobs from the land? Or will you make both nations find peace at the tip of your proud sword?!

Pick up your copy from the MangaGamer website HERE.


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