Starfield Updates – Upcoming Shattered Space Expansion, June Update, Official Mod Support

With the Xbox Games Showcase being hosted in the wee hours of this morning, gamers received more information about what Bethesda Softworks have in-store for their somewhat recently released open-space sci-fi action game Starfield going forward.

The big news of today was confirmation that Starfield: Shattered Space is in the works, a new story expansion for Starfield – with the first details on it shared. This expansion introduces players to a new narrative involving a mysterious power in the city of Dazra, the capital of House Va’Ruun’s hidden homeworld. Players will investigate a cosmic threat, explore a new planet, and discover unique weapons, spacesuits, and gear.

Additionally, Bethesda announced the Starfield June Update, available for download tonight on PC and console. This update includes several new features such as the launch of Creations, new bounty hunting elements, and Trackers Alliance missions, along with enhanced melee combat.

The introduction of Creations also means the commencement of official mod support for Starfield. Players can now discover and play new content from Creators and Bethesda Game Studios directly in-game through the Creations menu. The Creation Kit, the official toolkit for Starfield, is also now available to download for free on Steam and puts the power to create new content in the community’s hands. Anyone in the community can make Creations and upload them to the Creations platform.