Fallout 76’s Next Expansion – Skyline Valley – Launching 12 June

From a game that at one point almost had to be given away to one that now commands a player base warranting regular expansions and updates, Bethesda Game Studios has confirmed that the next major expansion for Fallout 76, titled Fallout 76: Skyline Valley, will be launching on all supported platforms for free starting 12 June 2024.

The Skyline Valley update expands the map of Fallout 76 southward, taking players to the brand new Shenandoah region. Here, a mystery around the cause of an electrical storm circling overhead awaits, with players needing to unravel the mystery around Vault 63 — where they will meet its dwellers and discover a shocking new Ghoul type – The Lost.

Sharing more details on this update, Bethesda shared:

Fallout 76: Skyline Valley lets players explore a wholly new region showcasing the rolling hills of Shenandoah and uncover a new storyline that introduces the vault dwellers of Vault 63 – Ghouls. In this upcoming expansion, players will encounter a new enemy type, a supercharged Ghoul with electrifying weapons and armor and expose their mysterious origins. Through chasing storms in Dangerous Pastimes, a new Public Event, and battling a new Region Boss, the Storm Goliaths, it’s raining new content and stories to play with Fallout 76: Skyline Valley.

Fallout 76: Skyline Valley will be available on the PC via Steam, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 starting 12 June 2024. Fallout 76 is also free to download via both the Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus Extra.