Final Fantasy XIV’s Newest Pantomime Emote is Freaking Adorable!

A stable of the Final Fantasy XIV Online Store are its emotes, which can be purchased with real world money and assigned to a character of your choosing in-game. While many of these are emotes from previous events and only set you back a couple of bucks as more of a “Sorry you missed out on this” fee, they do on occasion offer custom designed dances and interactions at a more premium price for their exclusivity.

The latest, added on 21 September 2021 is the Pantomime emote. You can see a preview of it above with a Hyur performing the action, but if you have some circus attire for your Warrior of Light and that WoL is a Lalafell – I would argue this is one of the cutest emotes on offer to date.

The Pantomime Emote can now be purchased via the Final Fantasy XIV Online Store for $7.00 USD or local equivalent. Making this purchase will grant a single character of your choosing the ‘Ballroom Etiquette – Impromptu Performance’ miscellany item, which can be used to unlock the emote.

Final Fantasy XIV's Newest Pantomime Emote is Freaking Adorable! 1
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