Final Fantasy XIV’s Upcoming Ishgard Restoration Update Offers Glamour, Mounts and Emotes

In each of the previous major patches to Final Fantasy XIV Online, Eorzea’s Warriors of Light have come together and contributed their crafting skills towards restoring Ishgard – what is quite likely to be the fifth player housing district in a future update. They do so for not only rewards through the in-game Skybuilder Rankings which offer special achievements and titles, but also being able to acquire some rather neat perks.

Ahead of releasing Patch 5.41 which is due to deliver the final Ishgardian Restoration update, developer Square Enix has highlighted the new glamour, mount and emote on offer to those who partake. Even if you are not usually one to delve into the RPG’s extensive crafting system, it might be worth grinding a little bit for the adorable attire on offer!

With the residences of the New Nest providing homes for countless Ishgardians and the markets of Featherfall ever flourishing, the Firmament is evolving day by day into the living, breathing heart of the post-war Holy See. So it is that Lord Francel de Haillenarte turns his eyes to the fourth phase of the restoration effort, which will see the construction of a cultural district where nobleman and commoner, man and dragon alike might further enrich their lives through aesthetic pursuits.

About Ishgardian Restoration Update for Patch 5.41


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