UPDATE: EB Games Australia’s Launch Stock for PS5 Sold Out, Pre-Orders Now Open for Second Wave

Following Sony Interactive Entertainment’s PlayStation 5 Showcase earlier this morning, in which the console’s 12 November 2020 release date was announced and both standard & digital-only price points confirmed, Australian pre-orders for the console commenced through the EB Games Australia website. If you were fast enough to get your order in for launch stock, congratulations! You will be gaming on your PS5 on 12 November 2020. But if you missed out, you may be waiting for an indeterminable amount of time for the next shipment.

EB Games Australia has confirmed via their social media channels that their launch stock has sold out, with orders now being taken for their first wave of post-launch stock. No set release date is provided for this second run of stock, although they are expecting them to become available sometime in 2020.

Missed the announcement about pricing? The standard edition PlayStation 5 will set you back $749.95 AUD, while the cheaper, digital-only version is $150.00 cheaper at $599.95 AUD.


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