EB Games Australia Still Taking Pre-Orders for Post-Launch 2020 Xbox Series X Shipments

In what could very well be a sign that Microsoft is doing their darnest to ensure an ample supply of post-launch 2020 stock of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, almost four hours after launching pre-orders for that second wave, pre-orders are still being accepted. This is good news for those who, like myself, had little success getting the EB Games Australia website to load at 3pm today. Of course, there is no guarantee that, should you pre-order, that the console will be in your house by Christmas Day – as the 2020 release window is only “expected”.

The “2020 Stock” preorders for EB Games Australia have remained open longer than they were for the PlayStation 5, where launch day stock was available for approximately an hour and 2020 stock sold out within two hours. Given the pre-order date and time was known in advance however, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S launch units sold out much quicker, within 15 minutes of going on-sale.

If you wish to pre-order the second wave of Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S units, visit the official EB Games Australia online store – or your favourite video game retailer on the following list (provided by Microsoft): Microsoft Store, JB Hifi, EB Games, Telstra, Harvey Norman. Alternatively, enquire at your favourite small local video game retailer about their availability.

The Digital-Only Xbox Series S will be available for $499 AUD, while the standard, more powerful Xbox Series X console will be available for $749 AUD. Regardless of the variant you choose, launch stock will be available two-days ahead of their competition on 10 November 2020.


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