EB Games Australia Sell Out of Xbox Series X & S Launch Stock Pre-Orders

While pre-orders for launch stock of the PlayStation 5 sold out within an hour at EB Games Australia, that past experience combined with knowledge of an exact time orders would commence, appears to have contributed to Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles reaching their pre-order capacity within 15 minutes at EB Games Australia.

After officially opening orders at 8.00am this morning, by 8:14am the following was statement via EB Games’ social media channels.

UPDATE: Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S LAUNCH Shipment has now presold out.

There will be a small shipment expected POST LAUNCH 2020. Current expected presell time of Midday AEST.

EB Games Australia (@EBGamesAus)

As highlighted in the statement above, you may need to look at other retailers if you desperately want to get launch stock of either the disc-supporting, powerhouse Xbox Series X or compact, digital-only Xbox Series S. Alternatively, keep an eye on the EB Games Australia website for word on precisely when pre-orders for post-launch 2020 consoles will open for pre-order.

For more details on Xbox Series X Pre-Orders, click HERE.


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