Star Citizen Alpha 3.8.1 Goes Live

Patch introduces Cutlass Red and Early Medical Gameplay

Following their main release of Star Citizen Alpha 3.8 near the end of last month, developer Cloud Imperium Games laid out the groundwork for a few mini-patches to be released in the months leading to Alpha 3.9. Each of these updates would generally include a new ship being made flyable, a few system additions/alterations and bugfixes. While I myself am personally ecstatic about Alpha 3.8.2 being available next month and the long-awaited release of the Anvil Carrack, Alpha 3.8.1 has been unleashed onto live servers and brought with it the DRAKE Cutlass Red and the early forms of medical gameplay functionality.

The early medical gameplay functionality introduced focuses on MedBeds, which can now be used to heal your character and respawn them after their death (provided they are within 4 million kilometres of the ship). To set your respawn location, you must go to a bed and select the “Select as preferred ICU” option. At the moment this functionality requires that the ship still be spawned on the server, and is limited to only the pricey Origin Jumpworks 890 Jump and more-affordable Drake Cutlass Red. As few ships currently have MedBeds, it is unknown if/when some of the capabilities around respawning will be introduced to standard beds.

Star Citizen Alpha 3.8.1 Goes Live 1

As mentioned above, Alpha 3.8.1 also makes the Drake Cutlass Red flyable in-game, replacing the former old model which has been viewable in Hangar Mode for years. This is a revised variant of the Cutlass Black, which includes two ICU beds, bedding for four crew/medical staff, and an all-important toilet for both relieving oneself in and presumably for patients to vomit in as well.

Want to know exactly what went into this update? Check out the official Star Citizen website.


For the last few years, Star Citizen has been continuously crowdfunding through the sale of game packages, in-game ships and other items. It has currently raised more than $250 million. As the game stands at the moment, it is currently in its alpha phase, and it is currently unknown when the Persistent Universe module will actually launch in its final form. Just be aware that if you pledge towards Star Citizen at this time, you are doing so for an unfinished game at the moment. Like most crowdfunding campaigns, the usual risks – including potential non-delivery – apply in doing so. 

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