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Tetris 99 Receives Team Battle Mode in Newest Update


Continuing to develop and expand upon their free Tetris battle royal game Tetris 99 on the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo have released a new game update which is now available to download. This update, released ahead of Grand Prix 10, introduces Team Battle Mode along with a number of other quality of life improvements.

In Team Battle Mode, players choose their favourite of four teams at the start of each game. Some teams may have many more members than others, but smaller teams receive a boost in attack power when being attacked, adding an unexpected element to each match. As players get eliminated through the course of battle, the final team standing with at least one player remaining wins – and all members of the winning team share in the victory. While you wouldn’t be able to say that you took down the other 98 players all by yourself… if you are like me and have never accomplished a win before, this may now be your chance to.

So what happens if you are knocked out early? Players who have lost will go into spectator mode and can send “Likes” to cheer on their teammates. Players who stay until the end will receive their XP points, or if Team Battle is the active mode for a Grand Prix event, their event points.

Other quality of life improvements to Tetris 99 include new button configuration options and new user emblems, as well as the option to redeem 30 in-game tickets for some of the elusive Special Themes that were featured during earlier events.

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