[E3 2017] [Announcement] [Video] Ubisoft and Nintendo Unite Super Mario and Rabbids Franchises For New Game

It seems like the Mushroom Kingdom is no longer free from crossover characters whenever there isn’t an Olympic Games taking place. During E3 2017, Ubisoft and Nintendo announced a partnership which will see Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and Yoshi star in a game alongside four Rabbids inspired by them. Known as Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, this is a turn-based combat game with two very unlikely groups of characters.

The story of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle involves the Mushroom Kingdom being torn apart by a mysterious vortex. In order to combat against this threat, Mario and his friends must take out enemies using hundreds of unique weapons, taking out foes in Rabbids style over-the-top fashion. Rather than having free-movement, players must move their characters and fight through turn-based combat – using the environment and what’s on hand to their advantage.

During the main campaign, players will form a team of three characters, customising each character through individual skill trees to form an ideal combination. Players can either control of all three characters individually, or team up with a friend in co-op local multiplayer.

Developed for the Nintendo Switch, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is expected to release on August 29 2017. While there is no word of the Nintendo Switch getting some of Ubisoft’s major multiplatform games like Assassin’s Creed Origins, it is great to see Ubisoft are still focusing on the console, and the particular charm offered by one of Nintendo’s key intellectual properties.

Xavier Poix | Managing Director French Studios at Ubisoft

We are huge fans of Mario and are honoured to be entrusted by Nintendo to create a new Rabbids Nintendo Switch game featuring Mario and friends. It was very important to us to stay true to the legendary characters Nintendo has created, but also to create a new experience for fans of Mario and the Rabbids alike. In order to restore the Mushroom Kingdom and come out victorious, Mario and the Rabbids will need to work together as a team and it’s from their differences that they will get their strengths.

Reggie Fils-Aime | President and COO of Nintendo of America

Over the years, we’ve forged a great relationship with Ubisoft, and Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle represents the next step in that strong collaboration. The teaming of our intellectual properties is symbolic of this partnership, and we can’t wait for players to get their hands on the game.

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