Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past to Launch on Nintendo 3DS This Week

Bringing a game which was first released on the PlayStation 1 to both nostalgic fans and a whole new audience alike, Nintendo are publishing Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of a Forgotten Past in North America and PAL regions alike this week. Serving as a remake for the Nintendo 3DS rather than a direct port, you can experience this 2000 RPG for yourself from September 17th 2016.

Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of a Forgotten Past begins when, in their quest to prove their island isn’t alone in the world, life-long friends Auster, Prince Kiefer and Maribel find themselves embarking on a journey that will see them travel through time and rescue civilisations long-forgotten in order to save the future. By collecting fragments of tablets and putting them back together again, the heroes travel to new places and past dungeons in order to restore the world.


Like some classic Final Fantasy games, you are not just locked to one character class in Dragon Quest VII. Instead, Auster, Prince Kiefer and friends can take on over 50 different vocations. From the traditional ‘Warrior’, ‘Mage’ and ‘Martial Arts’ classes to some more niche and distinct options, it is hoped that these vocations will result in new strategies being offered in fights.

Comparable to other Dragon Quest games, players can also discover, befriend and collect over 200 types of Monsters to populate their ‘Monster Meadow’. By populating the Meadow with monsters found throughout time, players can eventually send monsters out on scouting missions into special caves that can’t be explored by humans in order to find traveller’s tablets that grant access to special new dungeons.

Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past was released on the PlayStation 1 by Enix in 2000 (2001 in North America). It will be available on the Nintendo 3DS in North America and PAL regions on September 16th-17th (depending on region).

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