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Madman Entertainment Begin Streaming Cat Planet Cuties via AnimeLab


About Cat Planet Cuties: © Okina Kamino•MEDIA FACTORY/”ASOBINIIKUYO!”Production Committee

Joining their line-up of simulcasts, broadcast dubs and newer series yet to be released on DVD/Blu-ray, Australian anime publisher Madman Entertainment have added another older title to their AnimeLab video-on-demand service. This time around they have chosen to add the romantic comedy Asobi ni Iku yo!, also known by its localised title Cat Planet Cuties.

This 12-episode TV series first aired in Japan in mid-2010, and was made available in Australia on DVD with English and Japanese dubbing approximately two years later in July 2012. Depending on which sort of member you have to the service, you can watch all twelve episodes in English and Japanese via the AnimeLab website. Alternatively, if you do enjoy having a physical box of the series, you can nab yourself a copy on DVD via the Madman Entertainment Website (at least I would if copies weren’t out of stock) or your local anime retailer.

About Cat Planet Cuties

She’s as frisky as she is curvy – and kitty wants to play! The flirty fun begins when nice guy Kio has a close encounter with a sexy, alien cat-girl named Eris. She’s every nerd’s fantasy come true, and she and her fellow intergalactic felines are setting up base in Kio’s house. Unfortunately, Kio doesn’t have a lot of time for heavy petting. Secret agencies and enemy dog-aliens are sniffing around, hoping to get their paws on his pussycat pal’s tail! The guy’s definitely got his hands full – but with Eris jumping in his lap to purr in his ear, it’s likely Kio will land on his feet!

Madman Entertainment Begin Streaming Cat Planet Cuties via AnimeLab 3
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