Two New PlayStation 4 Models are On the Horizon

It is hard to believe that several years have passed since the PlayStation 4 arrived on store shelves worldwide, with pre-orders so high that a number of stores had waitlists for subsequent shipments at launch. Over this time, we have seen the console gain traction, and eventually surpass its predecessor as the PlayStation console to develop for. While there have been a few different versions of the PlayStation 4 featuring different skins and hard drive capabilities – we have hit that time in a consoles lifecycle that different versions are offered – different in several ways from the original version.

For a number of months now, we have been hearing about the PlayStation Neo. This was presumably going to be an enhanced model of the current PlayStation 4. During the recent “PlayStation Meeting 2016”, Sony Interactive Entertainment confirmed that were not going to be offering one new model, but rather two.

The first of these models is a slimmer and lighter PlayStation 4. Similar to the Xbox One S, this reduces the size (by more than 30%) and weight (25% lighter) compared to the first model. This is better for those who, like myself, don’t have much space to store all their gaming consoles. The model also comes with better energy efficiency, and supposedly cuts power consumption by more than 34%. This will also come with support for HDR Imaging technology via a system software update.

The slimmer and lighter PlayStation 4 will have two versions – 500GB and 1TB. The 500GB model will launch on September 16 2016 at a RRP of $439.95 AUD. The 1TB model will be out later on this month from September 29th 2016, available for $509.95 AUD RRP.


The second PlayStation 4 model is known as the PlayStation 4 Pro, and is what I would consider comparable to what the PlayStation Neo was to be. This version boasts a boosted CPU and GPU compared to other models, which will allow the console to offer improved image processing capabilities and 4K visual support. Those with HDTV’s will also be able to take advantage of “1080p resolution for all PS4 games and higher or more stable frame rates for some supported titles”. Like the other PlayStation 4 models, the PlayStation 4 Pro will also support HDR imaging technology.

Andrew House | President and Global CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment

Today marks an exciting new milestone for PlayStation as we unveiled the high-end PS4 Pro in the midst of the console lifecycle, catering to gamers who are looking for a heightened PS4 experience. By accelerating the innovation cadence at PlayStation, we’re introducing choice in the marketplace, enabling gamers to choose the PS4 model that meets their needs. Ultimately, with titles that leverage the potential of PS4 Pro – plus PlayStation VR launching soon – all PS4 owners continue to benefit from having the best place to play.

The PlayStation 4 Pro will come with only a 1TB model, and will be available in Australia from November 10th 2016 at an RRP of $559.95 AUD.

Michael Ephraim | Managing Director of Sony Interactive Entertainment Australia and New Zealand

As Andy House said, our vision is to present a clear choice to the gamer and we are steadfast in our commitment to being the best place to play. Today’s announcements are testament of this. With PlayStation 4 Pro, we look forward to introducing our players to our most powerful home console with the offering of the first class 4K and HDR technology. At 30% reduced size, the new model PS4 offers great value for the gamer and will also join the HDR revolution from next week. With the news we’ve unveiled today and PS VR launching on October 13, there’s never been a better time to join the PlayStation community.

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