New Star Citizen Concept Sale Begins for Drake Buccaneer

Are you willing to take the plunge and pledge towards a digital ship which is little but a concept at the moment, for a game which is only in alpha following a number of delays? After running one in the latter weeks of April for the starter mining craft, MISC Prospector, Cloud Imperium Games have kicked off yet another concept sale for Star Citizen. The sale covers the Drake Buccaneer, a new 1-person interdiction ship which is currently available until June 6th 2016 at a price of $110.00 USD.

Descried as “the latest and greatest utility fighter from Drake Interplanetary”, the Drake Buccaneer might not be able to carry cargo or have any particular niche purpose like some other slightly pricier ships, but it seems to be a solid choice for those looking for both manoeuvrability and fire-power. Similar to other Drake ships including the Herald and Cutlass… don’t be surprised to see this as a vehicle choice of pirates.

In terms of firepower, the Drake Buccaneer comes with 2x S1 fixed mount slots on the wingtip (KnightBridge Arms / 9-Series Longsword / S1), 2x S3 gimbal mount slots on the underwing (Klaus & Werner / CF-117 Badger / S2), 2x S1 pylon mount slots for missibles and 1x S4 unmanned turret slot on the body (Gallenson Tactical Systems / 2x Tarantula-870 Ballistic Cannon / S2).  Comparable to the Hornet and Sabre, this ship will come with no interior to navigate.


Want to learn more about the Drake Buccaneer? Cloud Imperium Games have put together a really nice post on the ship HERE. Be sure to check out the survey as well, which will determine which of two bundles (Valued at 10,000+ UEC) those who pledge towards the Drake Buccaneer will receive.

As with most concept sales, pledging towards the Drake Buccaneer during its initial run will net you some goodies. This includes lifetime insurance (LTI) and the usual Poster/Model combo. This is on top of the aforementioned bundle. Uncertain about your ship pledging plans? Be sure to pick up the $0 MISC Freelancer to Buccaneer upgrade, which will allow you to upgrade to the Buccaneer (Minus LTI and the concept bonuses) at any time.

For the last few years, Star Citizen has been continuously crowdfunding through the sale of game packages, in-game ships and other items. It has currently raised more than $114 million. As the game stands at the moment, it is currently in its alpha phase, and it is currently unknown when the Persistent Universe module will actually launch in its final form. The game’s campaign module – Squadron 42 – on the other hand has previously been listed by CIG for a release later this year. Time will tell if this happens. Just be aware that you are pledging towards an unfinished game at the moment, and like most crowdfunding campaigns, the usual risks apply in doing so.

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