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New Update for Super Mario Maker Goes Live Today


After first announcing the free update for Super Mario Maker last week, Nintendo have confirmed that it has now gone live and will roll out a range of new features for level creators and players alike to enjoy.

One of the major level creation additions is the Key item from Super Mario World (SNES). When grabbed, this key will unlock the new Key Door item, which will grant players access to new parts of a level. Accessed by shaking the P Switch and Door items respectively, the Key and Key Doors can be used in conjunction in order to create challenging new levels. For those looking to create bosses in your level, these keys can be attached to enemies, forcing them to defeat it before moving ahead. This will be the first time that creators can create mandatory boss battles in a level.

Want to create a “coin collection” experience reminiscent of the Super Mario 64 days? When creators shake a coin when creating a course, it will change to a pink coin. Only when players collect all pink coins will a key appear. A combination of the new coin and key mechanics can unlock new puzzle-solving possibilities.

A new Spike Pillar obstacle will also be added to the game. Originally featured in Super Mario World, this huge, foreboding column comes slamming down from where it’s placed, and appears in a course by shaking the Thwomp item while creating a course.

One of the main draws for those who are after an extra challenge is the Super Expert Difficulty setting for the 100 Mario Challenge. This mode will be unlocked after completing Expert Mode for the first time, and will provide access to six extremely tough courses. There are also a range of new Mystery Mushroom customs which can be unlocked by completing the different modes or special event courses.

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