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Some Details Shared About Upcoming Star Citizen Version 2.2 Release


While the weekly “Around the Verse” segment for Star Citizen is a more formal, pre-recorded event which see’s the various development teams at Cloud Imperium Games come together to provide an up-to-date look at the game’s status, “Reverse the Verse” is a less-formal and live-recorded stream in which key members of the community and development teams come together to discuss Star Citizen and a range of other casual topics in a relaxed environment. In some aspects, you could consider it as the team ending the working week chilling with their fans. Despite this, it is still a great source of information about Star Citizen, and this week saw them provide some information on the game’s version 2.2 update.

Although things might change between the stream taking place and the update making its way onto the PTU, it has been confirmed that Version 2.2 will have a number of backend and publicly-facing changes. With many ships currently in the works, some might have been wondering which ships they will be able to fly or enjoy within their hangars for the first time once they patch their client. I was personally expecting to see the MISC Starfarer become hangar ready, which would be the largest hangar-ready ship made available at the time. However, it has instead been confirmed that the Aegis Dynamics Sabre will be made flyable while the Xi’an Scout will be made hangar ready. Don’t own either of these ships? Once Update 2.2 leaves the PTU servers, both ships will go back on sale for at least a limited time. In terms of other ships, it seems like the MISC Reliant and MISC Starfarer are next in the pipeline to become hangar ready – but things could very well change when the next update rolls around..

The addition of new ships is just one element of Update 2.2, with the update to come with many changes including changes to the EVA system, the addition of a reputation system, changes to the layout of Crusader and more.

Want to hear more about the update? View the “Reverse the Verse” video below:

Some Details Shared About Upcoming Star Citizen Version 2.2 Release 3
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