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MangaGamer Announce Partnership for Heart of Crown Deck-Building Card Game


Developers Japanime Games and Culture Select recently achieved their funding goal for Heart of Crown, a deck-building card game being created for the PC. International visual novel publisher MangaGamer have today announced a partnership with these companies, in order to “ensure the best quality release” when it eventually arrives on their store.

Heart of Crown features artwork by FlipFlops, the creators of the manga, Everyday Tales of a Cat God, and will see players competing the push their princess’ claim to the throne – eventually seeing one of them crowned as the new ruler. This PC version will feature all the expansions currently being offered on Japanime Games’ Kickstarter, and offers three different modes of gameplay: online ranked play, campaign play, and free play.

In ranked play, players of the PC version can compete against each other in online multiplayer matches that reproduce the physical card-game one-to-one, with added ranking lists so you can strive to be the top player! Free play will offer the same multiplayer experience, only in unranked matches. Then, using the points and skills earned in ranked or free play, players can proceed through campaign mode, unlocking story missions, new cards, and furthering your princess’s claim to throne.

Wile the game is still some time away from being launched, the PC version is now up for voting on Steam Greenlight. Be sure to give it a vote if you are interested!

MangaGamer Announce Partnership for Heart of Crown Deck-Building Card Game 3
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