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Blade & Soul Goes Live for Founders Pack Purchasers


My main character in Blade & Soul
My main character in Blade & Soul

Following a series of beta weekends in the last months of 2015, NCSoft have launched the live servers for their most recent MMORPG release: Blade & Soul. This isn’t a complete launch however, with those who purchased any one of three Founders Packs (Ranging from $24.99 to $124.99 USD) gaining three days head start. Those without head start access will be able to dive into the game from January 18th.

Blade & Soul itself will be free-to-play, and will be supported through a cash shop which includes cosmetic items (costumes, accessories, etc.), a Premium Membership system and more. The sale of founders packs, which include a number of small perks as listed HERE, will be discontinued when the game fully launches in approximately 2 days and 15 hours.

While I am not a huge MMORPG player myself (There aren’t enough hours in the day for me to actively be able to play them), I am currently playtesting Blade & Soul, and hope to bring you my review of it soon.

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