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Pokemon Rumble World to Receive Physical Release Next Year


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Following the game’s digital release earlier this year, Nintendo have confirmed that a packaged version of Pokémon Rumble World will be available for purchase starting January 23rd 2016 on the Nintendo 3DS family of portable gaming systems. Priced at $49.95 AUD, this package sets out to provide the full Pokémon Rumble World experience, and comes with a number of features reconfigured for this packaged version. This includes the omission of all paid-for content.

New features include the reconfiguration of Poké Diamonds, the Poké Diamond Digger and VIP Cards – all of which can be obtained in-game without the need of micro-transactions. Poke Diamonds help you along in your mission to discover Pokémon for the King. After completing the tutorial, visit the shop to receive your allotment of 3,000 Poké Diamonds. In addition, you will also be able to access the Poké Diamond Digger. The Poké Diamond Digger will provide you with 40 new Poké Diamonds every day. Once you obtain 3,000 Poké Diamonds and the Poké Diamond Digger, a special VIP Card feature will open up. There are two VIP Cards, the Balloon VIP Card and the Timing Stop VIP Card and they can be used to more easily voyage through the kingdom of Toy Pokémon, collecting more Pokémon for the king.

In Pokémon Rumble World, you take control of your Mii. He or she is enlisted by the King, who is frustrated at only having one Pokémon, to collect other Pokémon which roam the world. Accompanied by the king’s own Pikachu, you embark on your heroic voyages via hot-air balloon to places where wild Toy Pokémon await discovery.

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