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Three Phase Interactive to Bring Defect: Space Destruction Kit to Steam Early Access Next Month


Back in October 2013 I wrote an article about a new game from Australian indie studio Three Phase Interactive titled Defect: Space Destruction Kit. More than two years have passed since that initial article, and the studio have finally announced that their 2D spaceship builder/fighter is just about to launch via Steam Early Access. To be more specific, the game will be available as of December 1st 2015 at 2PM PST for both PC and Mac platforms.

At this stage of development, Defect is set to feature 27 playable missions and more tan 100 fighter sized ship pieces to construct ships with. The ultimate goal is to have a game which features hundreds of parts across three stylistic themes referencing sci-fi movies and shows from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.

Defect allows the player to build what they might consider the ultimate ship piece by piece, from the size of a single-pilot fighter to a space station the size of a small moon. True to the game’s name however, while players can create devastating spacecrafts capable of obliterating their foes, it is also possible for their crew to defect, forcing them to face their own creations in battle. As a ship designer, your goal is to produce a ship perfect for your objective, but also has flaws you can exploit later when your crew defects.

Check out Defect: Space Destruction Kit on Steam HERE.

Drew Morrow | Lead Designer/Artist at Three Phase Interactive

We’re big fans of sci-fi and construction games and we want to offer unprecedented freedom of creation. Players can build the most powerful ships in the galaxy using our 2D ship building system, which we think is pretty easy to use. We’re really excited to be working on our dream project and can’t wait to see what ship designs and ideas players come up with.

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