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[18+] MangaGamer Release English Localised Version of ClockUp’s Euphoria Visual Novel


Serving as one of the publisher’s more major visual novel releases in 2015, MangaGamer have recently announced their English localised release of ClockUp’s visual novel euphoria. Now available via the official MangaGamer online store, this title is available for $44.95.

Despite being one of the darkest visual novels published by MangaGamer to date, they have released euphoria uncut with no mosaics over naughty bits. The title also comes with the original Japanese voice acting for female voices. For those wanting a sneak peek, MangaGamer also offer a demo which can be downloaded via the VN’s official website.

Official Synopsis

When I came to, I found myself in a white room that I didn’t recognize–

The protagonist, Keisuke Takatou, was locked in a white, closed room with the six heroines. His childhood friend Kanae Hokari, class rep. Miyako Andou, junior Rika Makiba, English teacher Natsuki Aoi, same-year student Rinne Byakuya, and classmate Nemu Manaka. All of them were confused by this abnormal situation, when a “mysterious voice” suddenly announced to them…

“The game will now begin.”

Keisuke must become an “Unlocker” and select one heroine as a “Keyhole”, then perform a specified act and “open the lock” to escape from this room. Miyako went into a frenzy over the irrational, extreme, and immoral contents of those acts, lashing out at the “mysterious voice”.

The lights suddenly went out, and the girls shrieked out of fear. When the white space is once again filled with blinding white light, the first thing they see is Miyako restrained to a torture device.

“Withdrawal from the game will result in death.”

Electric current began to run through the device the moment after the voice stopped speaking. Miyako’s eyes rolled up into the back of her head as she went incontinent, defecating and urinating herself. The heroines cried and shouted, clearly disturbed by what was happening before them.

Keisuke, on the other hand, found himself inexplicably aroused by what was happening to Miyako.
Keisuke had a secret. A taste for sexual assault and destructive urges against women– An abominable desire that others must never know of.

Unfortunately for Keisuke, Nemu figured out his secret at this time. She then used it against him, to make him submit to her and ultimately kiss her.

“This is a kiss to showcase our agreement.”

Keisuke was surprised by her unexpected actions, but resolved himself to violate the other heroines as a means to escape and protect Kanae.

Will Keisuke be able to escape from the white room unharmed and return to his normal life?
Or will his very desires consume him…?

That is all up to you, the player.

Sample CG Artwork (Provided by MangaGamer)

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